Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lunch Date Wednesday

Every other Wednesday, Varuzh and I meet for lunch and hang out for about two hours until it is time to pick Alex up from school. We made a rule not to talk about business, bills, kids, or anything we routinely talk about at home. Here we share ideas, interests and fun projects we want to do, places we want to travel to, people we miss seeing...

This Wednesday we met at Pain Du Monde café and bakery in Newport Beach. We have passed by it so many times, but never got to eat there!

 It was still early for the “lunch crowd” to come down from the offices around, so Varuzh and I picked a place outside near the fountains and placed our order.  The afternoon was beautiful.  It seems that summer has settled comfortably in Southern California - the sky was blue and the sun was spreading the warmth and the ocean breeze was reaching from across PCH.

I have a suspicion that we have been around each other for too long, because we both ordered the same sandwich –Our selection was great, though – eggplant sandwich with goat cheese. Ah, lately I was so preoccupied with my recently re-discovered feelings towards the fresh mozzarella cheese and Caprice Sandwich, that I totally forgot how much I LOVE goat cheese!

The combination of sautéed eggplant, red bell pepper, caramelized onions, some greens, and goat cheese on a warm ciabatta bread was delicious. You may guess what I am going to say next – I’ve got to recreate it at home! Oh yummm. 

Well, I also ordered tea and a chocolate-chip-with-oatmeal-and-walnuts-cookie – my meal can never be complete without something sweet in the end – and this time it was a chocolate-chip-with-oatmeal-and-walnuts-cookie, and a giant one too! And was totally worth it.

The giant chocolate-chip-with-oatmeal-and-walnuts-cookie is almost gone
My date did not care for the cookie

Shopping at Anthropologie followed – We had to burn those calories somehow, right?

Does trying on dresses count as a workout?.. Don’t answer that!

Love this skirt with dip - dyed tank

I can spend hours checking out tableware and fun selection of books...

With love always,
xo, Zuma A.
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