Monday, June 25, 2012

Love and Hate Relationship With Sales

A few years ago, when I became an avid shopper, one of my very wise friends warned me not to fall for an item just because it is on sale. When I heard that, I was certain that I would never fall for this trap. But I did. Soon I found too many t-shirts and pairs of jeans hanging in my closet. They would get worn-out quickly, and I would buy more…

Then, the light bulb went off in my head. I realized that if I would get one great pair of jeans instead of three lesser quality pairs even if they were on sale, I would end up having a better pair that will last longer, and I would spend less. How could I not think of this earlier?!

From then on, my shopping habits have changed. I stopped checking out the sale racks all together to avoid the temptation, and substituted quantity with quality. That way, my closet became less crowded, and I started hanging there much nicer clothing items. And my bank account loved it too.

Recently, I got a fun red Alice and Olivia dress. It was one of those items that spoke to me, and I felt I had to get it. And last Friday, for some reason, I felt like dressing up fancy in that red dress, putting makeup on, putting on high heels and going out somewhere fun with Varuzh to have Mojtos and celebrate the beginning of summer. I needed to unwind from a long and busy week.

The night did not work out the way I hoped - no one could watch Alex, so we ended up playing games on iPad the entire evening. Fun, but not exactly fancy – I spent Friday night in my sweats.

Well, the next day I announced that I needed a deserved time for myself and went shopping. Have you heard of a retail therapy? Not necessarily a healthy way to unwind and relax!

I was in luck, though - there were sales everywhere, so I thought to make an exception to my rule and, voila, consider therapy 25% off.

Love, love, love fashion this season – fun colors, relaxing shapes, lightweight and soft fabrics, dresses everywhere!

But do you ever try on clothes that you know don’t fit you? I do all the time.

Maybe I like to frustrate myself, but that day I tried many ankle length dresses that are in this season and … don’t look good on me. Being 5’3” and having 32DD size of you know what, the dresses did not flatter my body. I felt fat and that was not therapeutic at all. As I left the dressing room, I saw a familiar bright red on the sales racks. Oh, No!!! My fun red dress was on sale 40% off! That is quite a chunk of money! Didn’t I feel stupid.

To save the day, I went upstairs to the shoe department – shoes never make me look fat!
And Ta-Da! There was a beautiful pair of designer shoes that, too, was 40% off. And they spoke to me with their modern classic shape and beautiful red color. I had to try them on, and I felt tall and skinny, and I brought them home, and they looked beautiful with my red dress.

The retail therapy session turned out to be 40% off…

With love always,
xo Zuma A.

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