Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Beach Walk

June-gloom no more! Finally, this morning there was no overcast – warm and long summer days are here! LA traffic is more manageable which means that I can finally spend less time on the road and more time with my boys!

Simple-pleasure-agenda for today – to take an evening walk by the beach. What a perk for living near the Pacific Ocean!

It was already around seven when we finally got in the car and drove off. We headed to the beautiful beaches of Balboa Island. And getting to the island by an old and rusty landmark Balboa Island ferry is the way to go!

A fun way to get to the other side

Row, row, row the boat...

Barefoot girls coming from the rowing practice
The moment I stepped out of the car, a cool ocean breeze hit my face and body. With its magical power, I felt, the breeze slowly but thoroughly swept all my thoughts of the day out of my head, just like a broom sweeps dust away from the ground.

What were my thoughts, you ask? Well, nothing special, I say. Today I stayed at home hoping to catch up with work, house chores, and a kid who just started his summer vacation and is already bored. I don’t think it was realistic thinking that I could squeeze a week’s worth amount of work and chores in one day. Just to get through morning mail and calls takes time, and to sort out Alex’s toys in his room and vacuum it thoroughly could take even more time, and I would never dare to estimate how long it would take me to to get through a few piles on my office desk! I got overwhelmed and got to complete only half of what I planned.

But somehow, when I stepped on the warm sand with my bare feet, and looked at the small but powerful waves of the endless blue ocean hitting the shore, and took a few deep breaths, my thoughts and frustrations seemed not as important and not worth as much frustration as I felt during the day. So what if I did not finish going through all my papers on my desk or sorting out Alex’s toys, or that there will be more stuff piling up by tomorrow.
Lucy had a blast!
Alex had a great time hanging out with girls he just met.
Where are the surf dudes?
I wonder what is he thinking.
 We waited for sun to set, and were rewarded with a beautiful scene.

The power and beauty of the big big world made my problems seem tiny. I have heard that surfers are much happier than most of us. Couldn’t we all become surf dudes? Well, I know I can’t.

I know that I came home refreshed and happy. I will sleep and rest well. And I will start fresh tomorrow, and I will remember this walk, and stay real, and will try not to get overwhelmed and frustrated… until I will. And then I will come back to the beach and take the walk again.

With love always,
xo, Zuma A.

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