Thursday, May 17, 2012

Step it up!

Yes, I am one of those people who take stairs instead of escalators or elevators. There, I said it.

Are you laughing thinking that I am crazy? Or are you one of those people too?

No one can argue that taking a few extra steps each day is good for our bodies. Actually, long and steep stairs can even get our heart rate up for few minutes. Isn’t that better than nothing? I have read that it is the best if we take about 10,000 steps each day. 7000 will do too. But the statistics show that an average American takes only about 4000 steps each day.

Well, I thought, I do all these little extra things and run around the town all day, so I must be anywhere between 7000-10000 steps, if not more. I actually should be proud of myself for taking the stairs.

To find out how many steps I make each day, I decided to get a pedometer and check.

“Why do you need a pedometer?” Varuzh asked after I asked him to come to a sporting goods store with me.

Great, I thought, now he’s going to tell me that I just need to live my life the best I can, walk as much as I can, and not force myself to reach some particular number of steps. Just enjoy your life is his motto.

Varuzh looked at me knowing exactly what I was thinking and did not say a word. Why would he, I already knew. In spite of that, he went to the store with me. We strapped Alex into his chair in the backseat and I gave him my phone to play Angry Birds so he would not complain that he did not want to go.

On the way to the store, Varuzh’s unspoken words started sinking in. Really, why do I need to do all the extra steps? Why do I even need to know how many steps I take each day? If I wasn’t healthy or active, if I didn’t go to the gym twice a week or bike on weekends, then I would desperately need every extra step. But in my case, would that significantly improve the quality of my life or would I live significantly longer or healthier because of that?

Nevertheless, I got the pedometer and felt a little guilty for wasting 30 bucks.  But then, to my big surprise, I learned that on my usual run-around-the- town-day I took about 5500 steps! Oh my, I thought, after running around so much I did not even get the minimum of 7000 steps! Not, unless I drag myself to the gym!

Well, as much as I was disappointed, at least I was no longer feeling guilty – the pedometer was not a waste of money.

“What’s your plan now?” Varuzh asked. “Will you be parking your car in the furthest parking lots?” Not sure if he was being sarcastic.

Yes, I admit – for the next couple of days I did park my car as far as I could…

How many steps do you take?..

Signing off till next Thursday.  Have a very busy schedule for the next few days, and will have to take some time off from writing. Will be missing you all.

With love always,
xo, Zuma A.

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