Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Simple Life

It is not a secret any more that every day I am falling more and more in love with being a domestic goddess. And, for some time already, I’ve been toying with the idea of raising chickens in our yard.

First things first: I had to research if the city of Irvine allowed its residents to keep chickens. To my surprise, I found an answer within minutes, and the answer was: Yes, I could keep up to six chickens! Phew.

“What?!” Varuzh exclaimed. “You want to keep what?! Why?”

I wasn’t sure why I wanted to keep chickens. Was it my idea of taking it easy by living a simple life, or was it my escape into a simple life? Well, if that was my reasoning, then getting the chickens would not serve its purpose because I still had to do everything I do now, and taking care of chickens would be an additional thing for me to do.

Is it a sign that I actually do need to simplify my life?

I dismissed this thought and moved on with my plan – and the plan was to persuade Varuzh into getting the chickens.

“But look, they will lay eggs and we will have the freshest eggs we could possibly get. Literally! I heard on Martha Stewart radio that store bought eggs do not taste anything like fresh eggs from someone’s own barn!” I said. “And we would not get maximum of six that are allowed, we could get just two… or three.”

When I told that to our friend Art, who happens to be a president of our community association, he pointed to the association agreement, which specifically states that the residents are not allowed to keep poultry as pets.

Hmm, I thought, if I don’t get a rooster, then the chickens would not be loud and I could get away with Art not finding out. And if he does, I thought, I would supply him with fresh eggs too. Hopefully my future chickens would lay enough eggs!

“And what about Lucy?” Varuzh asked. Okay, that was a good point. Our dog Lucy is a terrier and would go crazy until she would get to the birds!

“Mommy, I will take care of Lucy,” Alex, my only ally, said. He loved loved loved the idea.

“Honey,” Varuzh finally said. “My grandma used to keep chickens in our yard when I was little. They were messy and they stunk!”

I decided to let Varuzh get used to the thought of keeping chickens and raising the issue in a few days again. But late at night the thought of why I wanted to keep chickens in my yard would not leave my mind. Is it really for fun? Don’t I have enough to do? Am I trying to become Martha? Or am I trying to live an I Love Lucy fantasy? Or am I running away from something? Do you ever feel this way?

...And what if chickens really stink?..

Will post updates in couple of weeks…

Signing off till Monday. Cannot wait for my Motherhood Celebration week!

With love always,
xo, Zuma A.

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