Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Garden Update

For about a month now, since the time I wrote A Gift Idea,I have been pretty obsessed with my garden in a box. At that time I planted several of my favorite herbs in a planter box. It was so easy to put together, that I created another box for my mom where I planted her favorite herbs. All I had to do was to get a 6”-8” deep by 5”-7” wide by 18”-4’ long planter box (or even better, to make one!), then I put a liner to prevent soil from running, filled it with potting mix which I mixed with organic fertilizer that is designed specially for herbs and veggies. I dug small holes few inches apart and placed the herb plants I bought from my gardening-go-to-store Roger’s Gardens. I watered them every few days to keep them moist and, from then on, Varuzh and I have been taking quick trips to visit our garden in the box to either smell the herbs or cut a few fragrant leaves to add an extra flavor and color to a dish.

Our little herb garden just keeps on giving. Can you see how tall the Dill has gotten?

Last Saturday afternoon, while I was in the backyard picking herbs to sprinkle on top of my salad, I could not resist taking a peek at my other new plants - my  beautiful green bell peppers that I have quite a lot of already…

…and my cute little sweet strawberries. 

I planted strawberries in a similar planter box that I put together in exactly the same way as I did the herbs. I placed six strawberry plants in about 3” holes I made in the soil, about 6” inches apart. And within a few weeks, the strawberry flowers started turning into berries!

Certainly, to feed my strawberry loving family I need to plant a lot, and I mean A LOT, of strawberry plants, but this was my first try, and we have enough crops to have fun cutting the delicate stems of the little red berries, smell them and pop them in the mouth to feel their fresh sweet taste. Hmm, I wonder how many planter boxes I need to plant enough strawberries to feed my boys for the entire summer!

Life is earthy, fragrant and sweet today. Feels happy.

With love, always,
xo, Zuma A.
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