Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Girls Night: "Sex And The City" Party

A couple of weeks ago my friend Mary Ann told me that someone gave her the entire series of "Sex and The City" as a gift and that we should have a girl night party and watch the show.

“Love it, love it, love it!” I exclaimed. I haven’t had a pure 100% girl night in ages and was very excited.  So we decided on Friday night – a girl-get-together, Cosmos,  Chinese takeout, "Sex And The City" marathon. I did not even have to drive, since Mary Ann very conveniently lives across the street. Could it get any better than that? I talked to Varuzh about the plan, and he told me not to worry and promised to watch Alex for the night. He is awesome!

…As I was dressing up for the party, I thought of the ladies from the show. So which one of them am I like? Am I Carrie? Well, considering that I am a hopeless romantic, pretty lousy with my finances, and crazy in love with couture, I feel like I could be a Carrie. I opened my closet and pulled out my flirty little black dress and paired it with my pink Manolos.

Then Alex walked into the room to grab a toy he left on the dresser. So I thought of Miranda –that selfish independent Miranda who, after having a baby, getting married, and volunteering to take care of her husband’s ill mother, became a responsible, kind, selfless, and no-fun kind of person who was always rushing home to take care of the family. “Did I also change once I got married and had kids? Did I become a responsible, kind, selfless and no-fun kind of person? Do I rush home at every opportunity?” I thought in horror. “Maybe I am no longer Carrie and I’ve become Miranda?”

Nah, impossible! I am more like Charlotte! I am poised, marriage and family oriented, trying hard to work through different situations. But wait, I don’t really live the life style of a girl from Park Avenue in New York City, and that was very important for Charlotte.

So am I left with Samantha’s character? Well, I really hope there is a little of Samantha in me, and I will just leave it at that.

The girl night turned out really fun. Cosmos were as good as they could be, and the girl cast was fabulous!  The night was young and I did not have to think and worry about anyone – Varuzh and Alex were probably asleep. So I belonged to myself for the night.  How great was that!

But then the night was over, and I ran across the street back home, and the first thing I did was typpietoe to Alex’s room, tuck in his blanket, and give him a kiss. And, for giving me an opportunity to go out with my girlfriends, I decided to make a delicious breakfast for Varuzh in the morning.  My heart filled with love.

Darn it, I thought, I did become Miranda! But so what? This is my family and it’s my gift and my purpose…

As I walked into my bedroom, I tripped over something and made quite a noise.

“How was your night?” Varuzh asked.
“Oh, sorry baby for waking you, it was very fun,” I whispered.
“So how many shows did you end up watching?”
I quietly giggled, “We didn’t watch any. By the time we moved to the couch, it was already late.”

And as I was falling asleep, I thought that we should have girl night in or out parties regularly, like every month… and I hope that there is still a little Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha left in me!

Signing off until Monday.

With love always,
xo Zuma A.

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