Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Broken Promise

I’ve been craving carrot cake cupcakes since last Wednesday and, knowing that Alex loves baking with me, we looked at our calendars (yes, I am not kidding) and decided that, while the weekend was going to be very busy, we could squeeze in baking time on Saturday morning. Thus, we wrote the ingredients on a piece of paper and posted it on our refrigerator.

Well, scheduling an activity is one thing... but our plans did not work out because, when Saturday was finally here, I kept doing everything but baking, and we had to postpone the baking fun to Sunday… and then to Monday...

Alex felt disappointed, and I felt guilty for breaking my promise and for disappointing my kid. So today, whether I had time or not, whether I was tired or not, I had to bake these cupcakes. …But I really did not feel like baking! The work-week had started, I overate during the holiday weekend festivities, and I had a million things to do! So why, when I came home this afternoon, did I go straight to the kitchen and put my apron on to protect my pink chiffon shirt, and start sifting one and a half cups of flour?  Why did I not kick my heels off and plump myself on the sofa? What kept me going?..

I called Alex into the kitchen and was rewarded with excited exclamations and a helpful pair of hands. We would alternate pouring the ingredients into the bowl and mixing them. We laughed that the batter did not look very appetizing as soon as we put the carrots in. We watched the cupcakes rise in the oven. I forgot that I was tired and still had million things to do. We were living in a moment and it was very fun. After all, the million things I had to do can wait, but kids cannot – they grow up fast and somehow forget that hanging out with mom is fun. So I better seize the moment! And maybe that is why I did not plump myself on the sofa.

Once the cupcakes were ready, we crowned them with cream cheese frosting and the candied carrots we made.  The cupcakes were ready to be eaten!
Alex ate one… and I ate two… and a half… I wish I could share these yummy treats with you all!

With love always,
xo Zuma A.

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