Sunday, April 1, 2012

Autism Awareness month

You hear in news now more and more often about mystery of autism. Now, they say, every one out of 88 children gets diagnosed with autism. Is it an epidemic? How could it be? it is not a virus that can spread, or is it? I’ve heard that Autism is partially caused by a gene mutation, but the number of children affected is growing every year and gene mutation cannot happen so fast! So we guess that the environment is to blame. What exactly? We don’t know! Until we find out the reasons and find better treatment, it is proven that early intervention can make a key difference in child’s opportunity to live an independent and fully productive life.

Those who just meet Alex could never even think that he was diagnosed with autism about four years ago. Now he is a typical first grader, who earned his orange belt in tae kwon do, takes piano and swimming lessons, loves to trick his parents, jokes, and play games …  But, four years ago, when we finally realized that Alex has autism, we committed ourselves to working very hard with him, going through daily therapy sessions, trying to understand how his mind works, dealing with frustrations, learning to celebrate the tiniest milestones.

For the next three days I want to write about our family’s road to “the cure”. (I probably could write a three-volume book about it!) I will break it down in to three parts: Life Unedited, Walking The Walk, and Happily Ever After… Please read on and circulate these posts among your friends and loved ones. After all, nowadays we all know someone whose life is touched by autism.

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With love always,
xo Zuma A.
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