Friday, March 2, 2012

One thing at a time...

Organizing is what I do best!  Today my plan was to create my week’s calendar that would be filled with less multitasking activities and more simple pleasures!

So I open my existing calendar, a black book from an Office store, filled with numerous “to do” things daily, starting from work location, lists of people I need to see, reminders of future events I need to prepare for, weaved endless errands for home, Alex’s school volunteering hours, homework-times, game-times, rides to taekwondo classes.

Apparently, I am obsessed with details and having them all in my calendar, I feel I am on top of things, that I wont forget anything, and satisfaction when I cross them off the list.

Obviously, something’s got to be taken off the list… but what? Don’t I need to do them all? To answer this question, I turn to my “go to” man, my husband, who somehow manages to live without a schedule book.

Meet Varuzh – an easy-going kind of guy. So what do I take off, I ask. Proudly thinking that if he looks at my calendar, he will understand my stress level and will appreciate what I am going through… But this is not exactly what happened: instead of him being impressed with me, he looked at me as if I am… a little misguided… Why do you mix work work with house work with personal stuff, he asked me. And why do you put here that you need to read with Alex, or play games, or make a hair appointment?

Ok, this was a good point – even though I am lucky enough to be able to work at home quite a lot, it does not mean that I need to mix it with other activities and push my brain to jump from one activity to another activity back to the original activity. 

Rule No. 1: concentrate on one thing at a time - separate work hours from the rest of my activities and separate other activities from the work hours.

Cannot believe that I spent the entire blog post on just coming to this conclusion. But I’ve got to be patient with myself and look at it as the 
first step towards the success of learning to appreciate simple pleasures. My calendar looks less crammed already. Let see what I will discover tomorrow.

With love, always…
xo Zuma A

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