Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Birthday Present

I hope when Alex grows up, he will not be upset at me for this blog post. He is such a fun little boy and always amuses everyone around with his cute and bright personality.

Last weekend Alex was invited to little D’s birthday party. She is a creative girl with a head full of cute curly hair and a love for dance. Every time I see her, I remember Jane O’Connor’s Fancy Nancy character.

So what should we give little D? I, of course, would like to involve Alex in the decision making process, but before that, I have to give him my input as an experienced gift giver, especially since I have hosted a kid’s birthday party where an entire class is invited.

So, I think, when many guests are invited, gift cards are probably the most useful presents.  Understand me correctly - I do not like receiving money as a birthday present, because, if I receive money, I will use it on groceries or other necessities.  But birthdays are such a special day of a year! The birthday girl should be treated accordingly! Birthday presents should be something I want, but don’t necessarily need… And if I don’t want to receive money as a present myself, then I don’t give money to others, unless that is what they want, of course.

I am not tough on gift cards, though, because when we buy them, we do take into consideration the store our birthday person likes to shop. After all, I don’t think anyone gives gift cards to shop at a grocery store as a birthday present! When I go to birthday parties where many guests are invited, I actually tend to buy gift cards, unless there is something specific I have in mind for this person. 

I was sure that little D would get so many presents, that she would not even get through them all before she got too exhausted. Meanwhile, I know that parents would appreciate a gift card that can be used later on to buy something for little D… or for the home. So I told Alex my thought process and asked him if he has something special in mind to give Little D, because if not, we should just get a gift card.

Alex was polite enough to let me finish talking and said: “Mom, we have to buy her a dress,” he said.

I am pretty sure my eyes opened wide as I looked at my seven-year-old’s face, and I don’t think he knew why.

“What kind of dress?” I asked.

“A Pink one. She loves to dance …”

Ah, I thought, my little boy certainly knows how to treat a girl on her birthday!.. 

At that moment I kind of wished to be little D. But, of course, I settled with just helping Alex find the right dress. We waited until Varuzh came home and drove together to a very pink clothing store for girls... I don’t have an opportunity to shop for girls, but it’s something I really love. As bored Varuzh sat on the couch waiting for us, Alex and I took our time to choose a dress. I showed several choices to Alex and, finally, we decided on a pink skirt that would be great for twirling and a pink hair band with a pink flower…

…I really hope little D liked her gift. I mean, how could she not?  It came from such a special heart!..

And I do hope that Alex will forgive me for this post…

With love, always,
xo Zuma A. 

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