Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beignets Anyone?

Today I got up very early in the morning to be sure I had enough time for breakfast. There is a two-hour time difference between Los Angeles and New Orleans, but I was determined because no trip to New Orleans is ever complete unless I have my small order of Beignets and Coffee au Lait at Café Du Monde.

By 7AM Canal Street had already started its busy work day. But as I made a right turn into a narrow street that should lead me to the Café, I suddenly felt as if I stepped into a ghost town.

Even though the French Quarter is located in the heart of New Orleans, it lives in a different dimension from its city and, after its usual late and colorful night-life, its residents are nowhere to be found this early morning.

I passed the city’s the most beautiful homes that carry a mix of Spanish, French and American styles. I passed the restaurants and clubs that hosted legendary musicians within its walls. This intimate city charmed writers and artists since the time of Mark Twain! I hummed the tune of Sting’s Bourbon Street as I walked. 

Café Du Monde was also just waking up. I ordered a small order of Beignets and Coffee Au Lait with low fat milk.

“Its either regular milk, or no milk,” said the waitress. 

Oh my, this place hasn’t changed since last time I was here, I thought. I don’t have much choice but to agree to the regular milk. As soon as my beignets arrived to the table, the waitress presented me with the bill. As usual for this place, she did not want to wait until I’d finish my food. So I paid and tipped her, and turned my attention to my plate. There was so much sugar powder that I could barely see beignets under it, but I already could feel their sweet taste. As soon as I sunk my teeth into the sugary treat, I was not disappointed. It was everything I remembered, warm, chewy, sweet and satisfying. 

I actually am so happy this place has not changed!

…When I was leaving the café, the French Quarter was already awake. Filled with tourists, colorful horse carriages, street singers and funky stores, I could feel life in a full swing. I took a picture of myself and texted it to Varuzh, and, as usual, he took a picture of him and Alex and texted it back to me. I should find a beignet recipe and make it for my gang, I thought. 

I already know one of the ingredients I must need: powdered sugar!

I spent only one day in this charming city, and it was… sweet…

With love, always,
xo, Zuma A.

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