Wednesday, March 28, 2012

As Usual...

Today I was in Downtown LA and, being a very habit dependent creature, I went to my usual spot to grab lunch at… 10 in the morning. Well, technically, it is a legitimate time for my lunchtime, because I get up at 5 and have breakfast at 6. And since my breakfast generally consists out of a bowl of cereal with soy milk and a cup of coffee, by 10AM I am starving!!!

As usual, I went to grab my favorite tuna sandwich but, because it was still early, the sandwich was not ready yet. Fine, I thought, I skipped Vegan Monday this Monday and, thus, I should order a Vegan sandwich this Tuesday.

“Are you a vegan?” waiter asked. 
“Not really,” I said. “I am a vegan on Mondays… sometimes…”
“In that case,” the waiter responded, “you should try our Caprice sandwich.”

Hmm, this sandwich has cheese, I thought, and I love cheese. Honestly, I did not ask for his suggestions, and now I started doubting if I should go for a vegan sandwich or a Caprice sandwich! So, eventually, I ordered the latter, and tea… and a chocolate chip cookie that came in a package of two. I was certainly splurging on my calorie intake today. But what could I do? I was hungry!

Fresh mozzarella cheese and basil combination was classic. Topped with Roma tomatoes and pesto mayonnaise on multigrain crunchy baguette, the sandwich was delicious.  Ah, this is the good stuff, I thought. So I called Varuzh and informed him that I will make a delicious sandwich today for him and Robert. He said that I was very sweet and that they would look forward to that.

On my way out of downtown, I got stuck in usual LA traffic. I also realized that we may not have mozzarella cheese in our fridge, and may be out of tomatoes, and I was sure we did not have pesto mayonnaise. I guess, the only ingredient I knew we had for sure was basil. So I stopped by a market…

By the time I got home, Varuzh had already had lunch because he had to run to work, and Robert was running off to play basketball with his buddies. I was bummed but thought that we could reset the lunch date to tomorrow…

…and when they both left, I made a Caprice sandwich for myself and ate it for dinner… It was a little different from the one at the restaurant, but still delicious…

Signing off till Monday…

With love always,
xo Zuma A.

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