Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Blue Moto Jacket and a Soft Feminine Silhouette

eShakti jacket (sold out, similar here & here), LBD (similar here), Chanel shoes, Tory Burch tote bag, Michael Kors sunglasses, Ann Klein necklace (similar here), Vintage bracelet.

Happy Wednesday! 

We are half way through the work week, and I am so thankful for that ~ I don't know if it's the holidays, or the huge amount of work that has suddenly been thrown at me, or both, but I've been feeling quite overwhelmed lately. Thankfully, the beautiful SoCal weather allows me to take walks during the lunch time, and clear up my head from nagging thoughts and worries. 

I was running late this morning, so I just threw my LBD on, a blue eShakti jacket, and pumps, grabbed my oversized Tory Burch tote bag which fits everything I can possibly need (or don't need!), and got out of the house. Having classic pieces in the wardrobe always saves me from wearing mismatched outfits on hectic mornings! Can't go wrong. 
I was very happy to be introduced to eShakti and loved them for their beautifully embellished classic designs. I loved this moto jacket for it's soft feminine silhouette and beautiful color that brightens up the look. 

When I learned that eShakti  customizes clothes to fit women's size (0-36!), height, body type, and preferred style, I was truly impressed ~ this is an every woman's company, literally. 
I am also excited to let you know that eShakti created a 10% off coupon code exclusively for LzBM readers which can be combined with any other promotional offer. This offer is valid until December 12. Just enter "livingzbeautifulmix" in the 'promotional code' box at the checkout!

xo, Zuma A.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Turning 45: Things I've Learned

Last weekend I celebrated my 45th birthday... Don't gasp! I'm fine with the number. I spent beautiful days filled with lots of love and happy moments. I never thought that on my birthday number 45 I would feel better and happier than on birthday number 35! It's true, and here's why:

I know who I am and who I am not.
I used to have a long list of things I thought I should do to live a good life.  Days were packed with activities, and life was insanely stressful. Finally, after years of doing things I thought I should do and numerous ups and downs, I finally learned to ask myself what makes me happy? and do things I want to do. 

I don't feel the need to be perfect. 
Agh, I used to be my biggest and meanest critic. I would beat myself up for tiny little things that mattered to no one! And now, nothing is the end of the world any more. I know that plan A can always be replaced with plan B, and, if plans don't work out, I won't loose my sleep over them and won't think that I am a failure!

I am no longer an idealist. 

I used to idealize everything without realizing that every job, place, and person come with both good and bad sides. Oh, finding out that things were not perfect was very painful and disappointing. Now, I don't look for something that does not exist, and it is very liberating. As long as I love working on a project and can deal with it's negative sides, then this is the project for me. 

Same applies to personal matters. I often hear my single friends hoping to find their princes, and they all have lists of what they are looking for in a man or a woman. Not many create lists of negative qualities that they can or cannot tolerate in a man or a woman, however... Probably it's because they haven't turned 45 yet... 

I Choose kindness.
Every human makes a choice of acting kind or not. Unfortunately, many chose not to be kind, and we see and experience their unkindness daily. Do you have friends who drain your energy? Toxic people in our lives cause us a lot of emotional angst, and often make us bitter. 

No more! One day I came across with a quote by J.M. Barrie from The Little White Bird: "Shall we make a new rule of life, always try to be a little kinder than is necessary?" What a beautiful quote!

So I chose kindness, surrounded myself with those who choose kindness, and weeded out the others. Life's too short for negativity.

Celebrate every moment. 
I know now that life is too precious to let it's beautiful moments pass me by. And there are many beautiful moments to celebrate- blue sky, bright sun, pretty flowers, hugs from my children, kisses from my man, chats with my friends... 

What did you learn after turning ... ?

With love always,
xo, Zuma A.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Oversized Boyfriend Blazer and a Scarlet Red Blouse

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

I know it's hard to get back into the work mode, but we've got to do what we've got to do. To brighten my Mondays I always try to dress up my work outfit ~ as soon as I put on bright colored clothes, sparkly jewelry, and a little extra mascara, Mondays don't seem so bad. 

This time I wore a loose scarlet red blouse under a slouchy boyfriend blazer, a midi tube skirt and high heel booties. And to add a little bit of the old Hollywood look to the outfit, I accessorized it with a crochet hat. 

The oversized silhouette of the blazer is sexy yet sophisticated. I love how menswear-inspired clothes make women look more feminine! Since long blazers are especially flattering on athletic and taller frames (which I do not have!), I balance it's shape with a midi skirt and high heels. 
Work can be stressful, and feeling good in your clothes is important. And since we have an entire week ahead of us, it's a good idea to park our cars a little farther away from the destination or get off the bus a little early and walk. Walking and breathing in the fall crisp air should feel good and refreshing.

Have a great week!
xo, Zuma A.

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Friday, November 7, 2014

LzBM is Featured on IFB!

Just a quick and very exciting update ~ my blog post The Hattitute was featured in the Independent Fashion Bloggers' round-up as one of 20 best links of the week! Thank you, thank you, thank you IFB

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Baked Salmon in a Lemony Butter Sauce with Mushroom and Herb Risotto and Asparagus